Investing in the Future

The unwavering support and commitment to the betterment of our school through endowment gifts makes a tremendous difference for the entire TKA experience. It is through your generous support of TKA’s endowments that academic programs are enriched, teachers are properly empowered and equipped, students receive the opportunity to benefit from a King’s education, and facilities are improved and maintained for future generations. These trans-formative gifts further TKA’s mission and purpose in the most meaningful and powerful of ways.

The King’s Academy has a growing endowment program. Gifts made to an endowment are invested in perpetuity to generate earnings to support the specified need. The endowment’s principal balance is untouched so that growth can continue and provide a continual source of support for the school. Endowment gifts have a significant impact on identified funding priorities and support the long-term financial stability of The King’s Academy.

The King’s Academy currently has 8 endowments:

  • Student Scholarship Endowment
    • M. Nelson and Jane Loveland Scholarship Endowment
    • James and Annie Erneston Scholarship Endowment
  • Faculty Development Endowment
  • Building Maintenance Endowment
  • O’Keeffe Pre-Law Studies Endowment
  • O’Keeffe Pre-Law Studies Faculty Endowment
  • Dimino Engineering Endowment
  • The Smith Family Conservatory of The Arts Endowment

Endowment gifts have a significant impact on identified funding priorities and support the long-term financial stability of The King’s Academy. There are three main sources for supporting and growing TKA’s endowments including: Gifts from an Individual, Family, or Foundation gift, Periodical Capital Campaigns, and Planned Giving. If you are interested in contributing to one of our established endowments or establishing a new endowment, please contact Rosario Larson at (561) 686-4244, Ext. 319.

For instance, if a scholarship endowment has $1,000,000 in principal and it is invested with a 5% rate of return, $50,000 in interest will be used in various ways. A percentage of the interest (let’s say 50% to use round numbers) will be used that year to fund scholarships. So $25,000 will go directly to offset tuition costs for students. The remaining percentage will be re-invested to build the fund. Therefore $25,000 will be added to the principal so that in future years the fund will grow larger and more each year can be used to fund scholarships directly. Endowments are established through major gifts when the donor desires that the gift “keep on giving” over the years. Smaller gifts may then be given to add to the endowment at any time.

Planned Giving

Planned giving offers individuals and families a way of making a charitable donation to the school through outright gifts, bequests, annuities, insurance policies, and the establishment of endowed funds. The Development Office of The King’s Academy is prepared to assist families interested in creating a legacy as part of their overall financial and estate planning.