Here at The King’s Academy, we have taken large strides toward bringing relevant technology into the classroom and giving our teachers efficient and creative ways to teach and interact with students. We believe students must continue to grow as self-directed learners and choice will play an important role for students as they decide what to explore and pursue. The future will bring much more online learning and students will need to be aware of their own thought processes and be willing to collaborate and participate in their learning community.

Secondly, teachers will need to be able to help students pursue their interests through researching and collaborating via the Web. Teachers must be able to help students sort out what is junk and what is valuable observation and information. Evaluating resources is a skill that students will use throughout their educational career and lives.

TKA provides every student with wireless access, free Office 365 accounts where they can install Office on up to 5 devices and eLearning access to our LMS  (Learning Management System) Moodle.

We ask that you check back here often as we post new information and instructional videos.

Device Recommendations

In an effort to provide the best learning environment for your incoming seventh grader that will be using Moodle, we will need your child to be prepared with a device that will allow for optimum participation and learning. Before purchasing a device, please follow the guidelines provided below as well as reading the below Technology Letter for the grade(s) your child(ren) will be in for the 2015/2016 school year.



Q: What grades use laptops at TKA?
A: Students in Grades 7 – 12 are required to use their own laptop computer at school.

Q: Will students be expected to bring their laptops to school every day?
A: Yes

Q: Will the laptops be used in each class every day?
A: Most days, but use of the laptop in class will depend on the content area and the appropriateness of technology for the lesson being taught. It is expected that the type and frequency of use will vary according to the curriculum. Laptops in the classroom can help to improve students’ writing as well as allow for spontaneous, student directed learning through Internet research, data collection and analysis, and multimedia presentations.

Q: What is the criteria for choosing a device?

  • The device must have a Windows operating system.
  • The device must have a keyboard.
  • The minimum screen size required is 13 inches.
  • The device should be able to record audio and video.
  • It can be any Ultrabook-type Laptop.
  • The battery must last all-day. The battery life should have 6+ hours.
  • The processor must be an Intel Chipset Core I-series. (Core i3, i5, or i7)
  • The storage on the device must be at least 250 gigabyte of storage.

Q: Does the laptop have to run windows?
A: We strongly recommend that families purchase a laptop running Microsoft Windows. Classroom instruction using technology is more effective when all students work with the same tools; consistency and compatibility reduce the possibility of confusion and wasted class time. When you purchase a laptop, please be aware there are required minimum hardware standards.

Q: What happens if the laptop does not work or is accidentally damaged?
A: The Tech department has loaner tablets for students to use. It must be returned by the end of the day or $25 will be charged.



Moodle is a new breed of learning management system that provides students with the social networking look and feel. eLearning puts students, faculty and staff into a password-protected, virtual learning environment. The TKA community has twenty-four hour access to course calendars, content, supplemental resources, multimedia, and highlights of student achievement and activities.


Students will have the latest Microsoft Office on all their devices and cloud storage to keep all their work at arms length at any given time. Our LMS will allow teachers to assess, disseminate content and provide a means for students to collaborate in a meaningful way.