“TKA Spirit” – 2017

Grade Level Colors

  • 7th grade: Orange
  • 8th grade: Pink
  • 9th grade: Green
  • 10th grade: Blue
  • 11th grade: Red
  • 12th grade: Black

Days of Homecoming

  • Tuesday – Generation Day: 7th – babies, 8th – Toddlers, 9th – elementary, 10th – High school or college, 11th  – Parent (middle aged), 12th – Grandparent (elderly)
  • Wednesday – Twin/Multiple Day (be two, three, four or more of a kind with matching costumes or outfits
  • Thursday – TV/Movie Day (Characters from TV or Movies)
  • Friday – Color Day/Spirit Clothes (Class shirt, shoes, ribbons, face paint, hats etc.)

Events of the Week

  • Monday – Classroom Doors: Each grade level will be decorating a two door alcove.  Please do not use supplies from the workroom. Door construction should be done Friday 12 – 4, Saturday 8-12, Monday 10-4 are the only time work on doors is allowed.
  • Monday Evening – 6:30pm Powder Puff Game/ Man vs. Food / Bonfire/ Attendance is for Class points. Lion’s Den & Kona Ice will be available.  *$1.00 entrance for parents (All monies will support Hope Project International)
  • Tuesday – Door Judging during first period. Class Meetings to finalize lists and go over Rules to the games
  • Thursday – Presentation of the Homecoming Court.  Voting will occur in the periods following the presentation
  • Friday – Field Day: Bring money for Snacks, Kona Ice, and DO DO Donuts food trucks! Classes will be competing in 9 events out on the track and field area for class points to put towards their overall score for homecoming week.
  • Friday Evening – Homecoming Football Game/Homecoming King and Queen Crowned
  • Best Dressed – Each morning at the beginning of first period (excluding Wednesday) the best dressed for that day will be sent to the HS office for judging and awards. Points will be earned for the class.
  • Dollar Madness – Containers will be in the cafeteria Tuesday – Thursday where students may make donations. All monies will support Hope Project International which is a ministry that works to provide hundreds of homes for people in Nicaragua. Online giving will be available. Links will be sent out through email. Points will be earned for the class.


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