Student Council

The main goal of Student Government is to honor Jesus Christ in all its activities and to do all within its power to insure a happy and productive high school experience for all TKA students. The student Council is a group of students from each class that has been elected by their peers. They are responsible for assisting with different events on campus. The major event of the school year is Homecoming in the fall semester. Student Council members are students that uphold school rules and maintain a good attitude of cooperation and consideration for others. They are also required to maintain above a 2.0 grade point average.

2019-2020 Student Council Officers

7th Grade:

President: Julia Drahos

Representatives: Maddie Hyndman, Ben Fischer, Ashton Horne

8th grade:

President: Isabella Weisz

Representatives: Luke Ramos, Marlo Lacy, Celestino Ruiz IV

9th grade:

President: Julian Bonilla

Representatives: Macy Shipman, Maximo Toledo

10th grade:

President: Mason Shipman

Representatives: Gaby Bueno, Cristina Lahud, Mia Rodriguez

11th grade:

President: Callahan Burton

Representatives: Chiara Brown, Brianna McDaniel, Sofia Mendez

12th grade:

President: Dina Dochniak

Representatives: Nell Robert Faveur, Benji Huether, Patricia Monroe