Prefect Council

The Prefect Council is a council of student leaders who lead the entire student body. They are senior leaders who possess a high degree of commitment to the school’s values and ideals. They help to oversee all areas of student life. Their emphasis is on service not privilege. They are selected through a stringent interview process.

2018-2019 Prefect Council Members

Alex Johansen & Lauren Arrington

Jake Gerardi, Jordan Winters, & Nicholas VanReeth

Cory Croteau & Jason Nelms

Spiritual Life:
Clay Hider & Caylie Catoe

Student Life:
Sofia Higgins & Dillon Larson

Chris Pappas & Mark Witzen

Fine Arts:
Griffin Lowe & Finnigan Anthony

Prefect Mission Statement:

As Prefects we vow to devote ourselves to Prayer, show Respect to all, practice Excellence in everything, share our Faith unashamedly, Encourage one another constantly, live Compassionately, be united through our Teamwork, and humble ourselves in Service.

Prefect Verse:
Romans 15: 5-6