Residential Dormitory Boarding

TKA’s Residential Dormitory Boarding program is a one of a kind offering that integrates international students into large, school-owned homes located within the residential communities closely surrounding the school, under the care of school-employed dorm parents. This unique and extremely popular program offers students and their families the predictability and reliability of an institutional boarding program, while maintaining the family-style atmosphere of the overall TKA program.

TKA’s dorm homes are large, typically exceeding 3,000 square feet (approx. 280 square meters), beautifully maintained, and feature a variety of amenities including swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball hoops, table tennis etc. Each dorm house is limited to only six total international students of the same gender per home.

Unlike many institutional boarding programs where students are placed in large groups and looked after by young RA’s, TKA’s married dorm parents are seasoned professionals who pay close attention to the well-being of each of the six students placed in their care. Dorm parents provide loving support, meals, and transportation throughout the year.

While TKA continues to expand this program each year to meet extremely high demand, this limited-capacity program fills up quickly and interested students should plan to apply early.

Click below to see photos and detailed descriptions of each of TKA’s dorm houses:

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Jeff & Gloria Loveland

Jim & Michelle Kolar

Jerry & Kim Barrantes

Craig & Brenda Osterhus

Matt & Debbie Swanson


“My dorm mom, she cares about me a lot. She treats me like I’m her own child.” – Haolin (China)

“Roberto’s entire stay in the USA has been wonderful. Roberto has grown up, he has trained, he has lived experiences that we will never forget. In our house every day we talk about TKA, we talk about West Palm Beach, we talk about Florida and of course they talk about you (his dorm parents), with the greatest affection we can feel. I want to tell you that in Spain you have a family that will always be grateful. TKA has so well cared for and educated our son.” – Parents of Roberto (Spain)

“Before I came here, I was really nervous about coming into a whole new environment, but everyone was really welcoming with me, and made me feel like I have a second family here.” – San (Vietnam)