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Welcome New Parents

On behalf of PTF (Parent Teacher Fellowship), welcome to the TKA Family! You have chosen a wonderful learning environment for your child; the TKA Team is second to none and is truly vested in each and every student.  Your child will be educated, challenged, cherished and supported each and every day. As parents, we have seen firsthand what an education at King’s provides. As a family, we have found friendships. As volunteers, we have found community. Our hope is that all of you will find the same. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and answer any questions you may have on how to get involved with this amazing school family. Wishing you a wonderful 2023-24 school year and looking forward to hearing from you!

Meet Our TKA Parent Ambassadors

Edrick and Sia Barnes
Students: 10th grade and 6th grade daughters and 4th grade son
Interests: Tennis, Visual Arts, Dance, Mock Trial, Ambassador, Lions Club, King’s Kids Conservatory, NJHS, Explore, International Spanish Trip
13 years at TKA

Hometown: West Palm Beach

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The Beneby family

Doyle and Christine Beneby
Students: 8th grade son and daughter
Interests: Football, Basketball, Softball, Academic Support
8 years at TKA

Hometown: West Palm Beach

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The Bucher family

Eric and Yolanda Bucher
Students: 4th grade son
Interests: Sports, Band, Lions Club
5 years at TKA

Hometown: West Palm Beach

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Jim and Courtney Burg
Student: 2nd grade and Kindergarten daughters
Interests: Sports, Art, Theatre
2 years at TKA

Hometown: Tequesta

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The Cantave Family

Jerry and Laura Cantave
Student: 9th grade son
Interests: Computer Programming, Pre-Law Studies, Golf
9 years at TKA

Hometown: Wellington

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The Cornett Family

Dave and Catherine Cornett
Student: 9th grade son and two TKA Alumni
Interests: Football, Basketball
7 years at TKA

Hometown: Palm Beach Gardens

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The Desh family

Paul and Preeya ('98) Desh
Students: 9th grade twin sons and 5th grade daughter
Interests: Ambassador, Technology, Strings Program, Track, Conservatory of the Arts
8 years at TKA

Hometown: Wellington

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Rodrigo and Paula Diaz
Student: 11th grade daughter
Interests: Beach Volleyball, Journalism, Ambassador, NHS, Key Club, Mission Trips
6 years at TKA

Hometown: Loxahatchee

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Fainor and Alisa Lima
Students: 5th grade daughter and 3rd grade son
Interests: Explore, Art, Lions Club
6 years at TKA

Hometown: West Palm Beach

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Joe and Sara Reese
Students: 8th grade and 3rd grade sons and 6th grade daughter
Interests: Swim, Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Soccer, Lions Club, Mad Science Club, Broadcasting Club
3 years at TKA

Hometown: Jupiter

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The Sheetz family

Guy and Meg Sheetz
Students: 8th grade son and 5th grade daughter
Interests: Golf, Soccer, Baseball, Impact Cheer, NJHS
5 years at TKA

Hometown: Singer Island

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Robert and Tatum Simpson
Students: 5th grade and 1st grade sons and 4th grade daughter
Interests: Band, Lacrosse, Art, Swimming, Reading
5 years at TKA

Hometown: West Palm Beach

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