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Welcome New Families

We are delighted that you are joining The King’s Academy community. We know that you and your family have many questions as you prepare for this exciting new experience. We have a number of programs in place to facilitate this transition, including a New Families Get Acquainted Day and technology training.

In this section of the website you will learn more about these programs, as well as uniform and book purchases, volunteer opportunities, school communication, and other important information. Knowing that we cannot anticipate all of the many questions you may have, please feel free to contact the Elementary or Secondary Office with any additional questions. We are here to help and look forward to seeing you on TKA’s campus soon!


Will there be an orientation for new families?
TKA offers both a “New Families Get Acquainted Day” and a “Get Acquainted Day” for all families at the beginning of each year. TKA’s Parent-Teacher Fellowship also connects New Families with Current Parents in an intentional way. In addition, each new student in the Secondary School is assigned a Student Ambassador to help with assimilating into the school, whether entering at the beginning of the school year or mid-semester! If you have specific questions about how your student can become a part of the TKA community, please contact the Admissions Office.
When does the school day begin?
School begins at 8:15 for all grade levels. The day ends at 2:45 for JK and 3:05 for grades K-12.
Is there extra academic support?
Yes! We offer several academic support programs in both our elementary and secondary. There is an extra charge. Each addresses individual student needs; please inquire about individual pricing.
How do I get involved as a parent?
TKA encourages parent involvement and offers has many opportunities for parents to get involved from volunteering in the classroom to joining a TKA organization like Band Boosters, Grace Notes or the Parent Teacher Fellowship.

What about electronic devices, books and supplies?
TKA has taken large strides in integrating the latest technology in the classroom. Secondary students are required to bring a laptop for use. Students in grades 6-12 are also given full access to Office 365 to help them with their school work. We utilize Moodle as the Learning Management System. The Elementary utilizes active voting technology for instant assessment in the classroom.

Who to Contact

Admissions Office
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 335 & 314
Elementary Principal’s Office
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 317
Secondary Principal’s Office
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 318
Business Office
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 366
Elementary Dean’s Office
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 343
Secondary Dean’s Office
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 363
(561) 686-4244, Ext.345
Elementary Student Activities
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 346
Secondary Student Activities
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 361
School Store
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 358
Headmaster’s Office
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 301
Secondary Fine Arts
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 353
Media Center
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 344
 President’s Office
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 338
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 368
 Development Office
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 354
International Student Program
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 387

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