Dr. Preeya (Jeyapaul ’98) Desh

Sri Ramachandra Medical University, MD Brown University, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Wabi Sabi Health Foundation, founder

Preeya Jeyapaul graduated from TKA in 1998 and attended medical school at Sri Ramachandra Medical University in India. Studying in India gave her a rich understanding and love of the Indian people- and their access to quality healthcare.

For the past several years Preeya has been regularly travelling to India to pour into the lives of the dying who have very few resources in a country that does not always value individual human life. Preeya focuses on palliative care, which includes physical, psychological, and pharmacological care for patients who are terminally ill.

Preeya and her husband Paul Desh, who is also a physician but focuses on hospital administration at the VA met during medical school and now have 3 children at TKA.  Preeya and Paul formed the Wabi Sabi Health Foundation which partners with hospitals who have potential to deliver quality palliative care but are just not doing so because of funding and manpower. It uses arts for healing- music and art therapy- as well as other psychosocial supports to model the message of the Gospel into people’s lives.

Preeya is currently pursuing a palliative care fellowship at Columbia University after residencies and fellowships at Brown University with rotations and research at Harvard University.