TKA Offers New Aviation Program For Juniors & Seniors

The King’s Academy is pleased to announce it will offer a new semester-based Aviation 101 Honors course for eleventh and twelfth grade students beginning in Spring 2016. Studies show that in the coming decade, thousands of new pilots will be needed per year because of attrition and retirement. The school is partnering with two highly-regarded FAA Part 141 certified Cessna Pilot Centers to enable students to work toward their Private Pilot License: Platinum Aviation at North County Airport and Palm Beach Flight Training at Lantana Airport. Students must be 17 years old by the end of the course to enroll and must pass a 3rd Class FAA Medical Exam. Students will be expected to complete an online Ground Training Course and pass a 60 Question FAA exam by an FAA designated flight examiner within the semester.

“We are excited to partner with two reputable, local aviation schools to provide an opportunity for our students to earn a private pilot’s license and perhaps launch a passion within students to pursue future careers in aviation” says High School Principal Sonya Jones.

Material covered in the Aviation 101 course will include aerodynamics, aircraft performance, airspace, communications and radar services, how to read and understand sectional charts, flight operations, FAA regulations, safe flight operations, navigation, weather, and weight and balance. Successful completion of this course will earn students honors credit, as students will be expected to complete approximately 55 hours of work outside the classroom.