Political Science Club Students Attend Luncheon with Dr. Ben Carson

The King’s Academy Political Science Club students had the opportunity to hear Dr. Ben Carson speak at a luncheon today hosted by the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches.  A noted neurosurgeon and author of the new book One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future, he was Director of Pediatric Surgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital until he retired last year.  He now works as a columnist, author, and speaker. Dr. Carson finished third, with 9 percent, in the 2016 Republican presidential straw poll conducted at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference.

In the question and answer session, Dr. Carson responded to matters related to racism, religion, poverty, education, and opportunity for self-determination.  “He clearly articulated his faith in the God of Creation, insisting that evolution requires even greater faith. Dr. Ben Carson spoke with such authority and depth of knowledge that his words were indisputable,” said Mr. Bruce Stutzman, Faculty Advisory for Political Science Club.