Bradley Harper

Attorney Bradley Harper spoke to the Political Science Club on Tuesday about the process of being elected as a county court judge. He also explained a second track, that of appointment to a judgeship by either a governor or the president. He demonstrated the importance of voting, making the point that when the numbers are… Continue Reading

Concert performance of Wicked

The concert performance of Wicked The Musical is spectacular! “It is witty, romantic, and thrilling!” shared one audience member. Don’t miss your last chance to get tickets for one of the remaining three performances. Click here to purchase your tickets or call 888-718-4253.

Love of Literacy Luncheon

Several members of TKA’s administration, faculty, and PTF Friends of the Library attended the Love of Literacy Luncheon last week at the Kravis Center with guest speaker, international bestselling author, and literacy advocate David Baldacci. Baldacci stressed the importance of tackling illiteracy in America. He stated that every socio-economic problem in society can be linked… Continue Reading

On March 14th, TKA 4th grade classes celebrated Pi Day (3.14). Pi Day is a day to recognize the mathematical constant for the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter π or 3.14159.. Students played sphere-like games, made pi shirts, and learned all about the infinite number.

Congratulations to the following 6th grade Science Fair students who placed in the top twenty: Ashley Arrington (1st), Jack Walter (2nd), Zee Ward (3rd). Ashton Ball, Gabby Bueno, Carson Cerejo, Townsend Childress, Chris Cochran, Michelle Espino, Hermes Galiano, Mackenzie Gorton, Olivia Higgins, Drew Kerr, Chase Larabee, Carmen Majano, Charis Meldrim, Ben Meza, Cristina Nieto, Luke… Continue Reading

Congratulations to TKA parent and Wellington’s new Mayor-elect, Anne Gerwig. Anne and her husband Alan have three children: Jessica graduated from TKA in 2009, Dane graduated with the class of 2012, and Luke is a senior. Also, congratulations to Michael Drahos, Wellington’s new council member-elect!  Michael and his wife Nathalie have a daughter Julia who attends… Continue Reading

(West Palm Beach, FL) – The King’s Academy is pleased to announce the hiring of Adam Miller as Elementary School Principal for the coming 2016-2017 school year. Miller has worked in Christian and public education for the past decade. Previously, Miller worked at the University of Kansas as the Director of Student-Athlete Development, and he… Continue Reading

The King’s Academy’s elementary and secondary yearbooks have again received recognition for excellence for the second year in a row.

(West Palm Beach, FL) – The King’s Academy is pleased to announce the hiring of Stephen Kimpel as Director of Student Ministries starting the 2016-2017 school year. Kimpel will oversee and facilitate secondary chapels, coordinate student-led Bible Studies, and teach courses in the Bible Department. As a May 2016 candidate for the Master of Divinity… Continue Reading

Opening night of Wicked was nothing short of a breathtaking experience! This concert version encompasses the entire TKA Performing Arts Department – chorus, performing arts and dance classes, as well as a few of our instrumental students playing in the orchestra pit. It is a heart-warming tale that everyone can relate to  portrayed phenomenally by… Continue Reading