Cross-Country Team Utilizing High-Tech Sports Science To Maximize Performance

Intel-Peak-WatchThe King’s Academy Cross Country Team is benefitting from the West Palm Beach private school’s strategic partnership with United Data Technologies to evaluate performance using technology typically only available to professional and college athletes. The schools is using the most advanced wearable health and fitness trackers available in the market that tracks heart rate, number of steps, calorie burn, skin temperature, perspiration rate, and sleep quality. The devices are wrist-worn and waterproof and capture all of the metrics listed above every 60 seconds.

UDT Chief Technology Officer Daniel Rodriguez says, “We continue to extend different data types to further correlate what could impact an athlete during training so we can one day predictively understand how they might perform on ‘game day.’ One example of this includes organizing weather data from NOAA every five minutes to correlate the effects of outside temperature, wind speed, relative humidity, and barometric pressure on athletes. We built team-based views so TKA’s coaches can compare athletes to each other and set benchmarks and targets for each.”