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Students at a cookout holding plates of food

TKA’s Homestay program integrates international students into the homes of local American families, who provide the student with a loving and nurturing environment and all the support of a family; including preparing nutritious meals and providing transportation for school and social activities throughout the duration of their stay.

TKA’s Homestay program is managed by the school’s International Student Program office. Many host families are teachers, support staff, and parents within the TKA community who believe in the mission of the International Student Program and who are excited about this amazing experience.  Host families are only chosen after background checks, reference checks, in-person home visits and personal interviews are completed and reviewed.

Homestay is a unique opportunity for international students to accelerate cultural and language learning by becoming an authentic part of a local family. Culture is conveyed through everyday living as well as celebrating all the nuances that make a family truly “American.” Family bonds and unique memories are created that can last a lifetime.

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