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ISP Application Form

If you would prefer to download this form and then e-mail it to please click here to download the form as a .pdf file.

Student Information

First/Given Name
American Nickname (optional)
Last/Family Name
Current Grade Level:
Grade Applying For:
Term Applying For:
Are you applying to advance to the next grade level or intentionally repeat your current grade?
Desired Program Length:
Have you ever had, or plan to have before enrolling at TKA, a gap in traditional enrollment in school (ex. extended language schooling, homeschooling, or extended travel)?
Do you plan to seek a diploma from The King's Academy?
If so, do you plan to attend college/university in the United States?
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
Do you hold multiple Citizenships?
Must contain only numbers

Family Information

Parent 1 (Guardian)
Must contain only numbers
Parent 2 (Guardian)
Must contain only numbers


Academic Information

Must contain only numbers

Applicant Questionnaire

How did you hear about The King's Academy:
Are you okay with pets in the home?
Are you okay with other children in the home?

--------------------End of Application--------------------



By clicking Submit below this application will be sent to the The King's Academy International Student Program.