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ISP Application Form

If you are an Independent Student or Parent, skip down to the Student Information section. If you are a Third Party Applying on Behalf of the Student (Education Consultancy/School Counselor/Agency, etc) please fill out the Organization section (required). If you would prefer to download this form and then e-mail it to please click here to download the form as a .pdf file.

Organization Section

Name of Person filling out Application:
First Name
Last Name

Student Information

First/Given Name
American Nickname (optional)
Last/Family Name
Current Grade Level:
Grade Applying For:
Have you ever had, or plan to have before enrolling at TKA, a gap in traditional enrollment in school (ex. extended language schooling, homeschooling, or extended travel)?
Are you applying to advance to the next grade level or intentionally repeat your current grade?
Term Applying For:
Desired Program Length:
Do you plan to seek a diploma from The King's Academy?
If so, do you plan to attend college/university in the United States?

Family Information

Is your address different than that of the applicant?
Please fill out your address:

Please list those family members that live in your home (including siblings):

Family Member #1

Family Member #2

Family Member #3

Academic Information

Applicant Questionnaire

How did you hear about The King's Academy:
Are you okay with pets in the home?
Are you okay with other children in the home?

--------------------End of Application--------------------



By clicking Submit below this application will be sent to the The King's Academy International Student Program.