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English Language Requirements

Grade Entering SLEP ELTiS TOEFL iBT Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) TOEFL JR SLATE (ITEP) IELTS Duolingo
12th 58 5 80 150 750 5.25 6


11th 58 5 80 150 750 5.25 6 105
10th 58 5 80 145 750 5.25 6 100
9th 55 5 70 145 700 4.75 5.5 95
8th 53 4 61 140 700 4.25 5 90
7th 47 4 40 140 700 3.25 4 90


In an effort to offer convenient testing options to students in every nation and from a variety of originating sources; including educational institutions and language centers, TKA student applicants can choose to provide results from any one of the pre-approved tests listed above. Students should reference the grade level for which they are applying in order to determine the score required. If you have a taken a globally recognized language assessment and would like to submit that in lieu of one of the tests listed above, please contact us at with a copy of the official results and we will review them to determine if they will meet the requirement.

These standards represent a pre-determined minimum score at the time of application and are subject to change at the discretion of TKA Secondary Leadership without notification. English proficiency is one of many factors considered during the admissions process.

Official test results should be sent directly to TKA’s International Student Program office at For questions relating to the English Language Proficiency Standards, or any part of the application process, please contact (01) 561-686-4244 ext. 373.

TKA’s TOEFL code is B446.

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