Christian Ministries Program

The King’s Academy offers a Christian Ministry Designation.  This is not a requirement for graduation and any class within this program may be counted as an elective (or senior Bible requirement).  The certificate of completion is awarded to students who complete the following:

Complete all Standard Graduation Requirements with a minimum GPA of 3.0

  • A combination of 3 courses will be required (1.5 Credit Hours)
  • Courses will be open for students in grades 10-12. The below detailed classes will not count for Bible credit for students in grades 10-11. The below classes can be taken by students in grade 12 as their Bible credit.

Mandatory Courses:

  • Introduction to Christian Ministries
  • Interpreting the Bible

Plus any 1 of the following elective Courses:

  • Apologetics and Evangelism Dual Enrolled
  • Community and Kingdom
  • Exploring the Bible Dual Enrolled
  • DEP Principles of Christian Leadership (Future Course)