General Policies & Restrictions

Entrance Process:
New (external) students will need to complete the traditional application and registration processes, regardless of the number or subject of courses taken. External applicants can choose to complete the TKA admissions testing process, or to provide their academic records and standardized testing results; verifying their academic ability is on par with the standard required to be successful within the entire TKA program.

Traditional TKA students can take part-time coursework or transition to full-time online by completing the proper registration paperwork and remitting payment without repeating the new student application process.

6th – 12th grade coursework is available through TKA Online.

Full-time online students will receive a traditional TKA diploma and are eligible to participate in the High School Commencement ceremony (graduation). Full-time TKA Online students must meet the current, traditional student graduation requirements to be awarded a diploma. Any coursework taken through TKA Online will be noted as such on the students’ academic transcript.

Graduates of the full-time online program will not be ranked against students studying full-time on the main campus within the traditional program.

Full-time TKA Online students are not eligible to participate in on-campus activities. Including Fine Arts & Athletics (fees apply) but are no permitted to attend the Washington DC trip, Philadelphia trip or Senior Trip.

Full-time Traditional students wishing to use TKA Online as a supplement to their on-campus course load in a part-time capacity will not experience a change in their extra-curricular eligibility status. These students should be aware of, and adhere to, the following guidelines set forth by the TKA Secondary Administration:

School policy stipulates that all courses required for graduation must be successfully completed at The King’s Academy. Students may take courses required for graduation from The King’s Academy Online, with the following restrictions:

Core Graduation Requirements: Traditional students are permitted to complete 1 credit within each of the following core subject areas through TKA Online:

  • Mathematics
  • History/Social Studies
  • Science
  • English

Foreign Languages: A students must successfully complete 2 credits (levels I and II) of a foreign language to qualify for graduation from The King’s Academy. Students may satisfy this requirement by taking two years of a foreign language (levels I and II) from The King’s Academy Online. A student may pursue additional levels or languages from The King’s Academy Online.

Bible: Students must successfully complete the following courses, accumulating 2 credits of Bible to qualify for graduation from The King’s Academy. Students must take the required Bible courses on campus. A student may pursue additional Bible courses from The King’s Academy Online.

Fine Arts, Physical Education & Electives: A student must successfully complete 1 credit of Fine Arts and 1 credit of Physical Education to qualify for graduation from The King’s Academy. These two requirements may be satisfied through The King’s Academy Online courses. Student may pursue additional Electives from The King’s Academy Online.

Additional Policies:
Courses taken from The King’s Academy Online will be added to a student’s transcript, and the grade received will be calculated into the student’s GPA. All courses attempted from The King’s Academy Online will be noted on a student’s transcript. Withdrawing from a The King’s Academy Online course before its completion will result in a WP (Withdrew Passing) or a WF (Withdrew Failing) notation on the student’s transcript. Students enrolled in a The King’s Academy Online course must complete the requirements of that course within the start and end dates set by the Administration, unless permission is granted to do so. Failure to do so will be noted as a “WF” or “WP” on the student’s transcript, depending on the grade he or she has attained in that course.