Summer School

The King’s Academy students have the opportunity to take summer school coursework each year.  Students may take a select number of courses on campus through a traditional format, through TKA Online for advancement purposes, or for remediation online of a previously attempted course.

Students taking courses for remediation (to replace a grade previously earned) may only remediate courses taken in the current or just completed school year, or from the previous school year. Grades earned before the previous school year may not be remediated. For instance, seniors may only remediate courses taken in senior and junior year; juniors may only remediate courses taken in junior and sophomore year, and so on.

TKA students will be given grade replacement for the coursework that is taken through TKA Online. Both the first attempt and the summer school course will be listed on the official transcript; however, only the higher of the two grades will be calculated in the GPA. Students may take up to four semesters in total (2 courses per Summer Session). In order to be successful, the student must work in a consistent and diligent manner throughout the summer to complete  the course(s).



If you have additional questions, please contact Dr. Tammy Hoffman at (561) 686-4244, Ext. 350.

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