We have compiled a list of some frequently asked questions/answers that may aid in clarification.

What is financial assistance?
Financial assistance consists of funds given to families who demonstrate a financial need for assistance with tuition expenses at The King’s Academy. Funds are made available by donors who are interested in making a TKA education available to outstanding students who would otherwise be unable to afford such an opportunity. Awards are provided by TKA’s endowment and other benefactors.
What tax information is expected to be submitted?
Before a file is considered complete and assistance is awarded, each family must upload their personal IRS 1040 tax forms and accompanying schedules along with W-2 and 1099s as applicable into the system for analysis. The current year’s tax return must be submitted. Exceptions to this policy are rare.
Must I repay this award?
No. A financial gift is used to offset the cost of your child’s education and does not have to be repaid.
Who can apply for financial assistance?
Besides the current students receiving assistance, families currently not on financial assistance and who have experienced unexpected financial difficulties may apply for financial assistance. Depending on the situation, TKA may or may not be able to respond to these family’s needs on a temporary or permanent basis.
How much financial assistance may I expect to receive?
TKA Financial Assistance exists to assist families in paying their tuition. Award recommendations are based solely on financial need as determined by FAST, a third party need assessment company. Award amounts vary and are re-assessed each year. Families must submit a new application each year. Award amounts can be anywhere from 0 to 50% of tuition only. 50% awards are extremely rare.
What supplemental costs are not included in the price of tuition?
Including, but not limited to uniforms, books, supplies, activity, trip fees, campus store and student center charges. An estimate of additional charges/cost is included in this section of the webpage.
Is my financial assistance confidential?
Yes. All information is supplied in a highly secured application that is accessed by the Business Office and available only to the Business Office. All information is held at the highest level of confidence. All financial assistance awards are confidential agreements between the recipient student/family and the school. We strongly request that information pertaining to these awards/agreements are not discussed in public; any proof of such conversation could result in a loss/change in an award.
Does TKA give scholarships?
The King’s Academy does not accept any scholarships at this time.
Is there a deadline to be considered for financial assistance?
Applications must be submitted no later than June 1.
Is financial assistance renewable each year?
Financial assistance is granted on a yearly basis and renewal is not automatic. Subsequent awards will be based on the submission of a current complete financial assistance application and support documents. Awards to families are also dependent on the student’s satisfactory academic progress, responsible citizenship, the family’s commitment to the school, and availability of financial assistance funds. Students are expected to meet a minimum standard of behavior and academic performance while actively participating in TKA’s programs. Changes in your financial status may affect the size of your award; therefore, a new applications must be filed each year.
Are decisions regarding admission and financial related?
All admission decisions are made without regard for financial need. The two processes occur simultaneously but are separate. Financial assistance is not a part of the Admission Office’s discussion, and awards are not determined until after the Office has made a decision regarding the admission application.
Does TKA offer financial assistance to international students?
Not at this time.
What if I have additional questions about tuition or financial assistance?
We are here to help! Please contact the Business Office at (561) 686-4244 with any questions regarding financial assistance.

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