Scheduling and Related Academic Policies

Course Offerings/Priority

The King’s Academy upperclassmen are given scheduling priority.

Dropping/Adding Courses

  • The Drop/Add period extends for 7 school days from the first day of each semester.
  • Classes may not be dropped or added from a student’s course load after the first 7 days of each semester without administrative approval. Any course dropped after the Drop/Add period will be reflected on the student’s transcript as a Withdrawn Passing (WP) or Withdrawn Failing(WF).

Any time, any course is dropped or added, the following criteria must first be met:

1. Permission of the Assistant Secondary Principal
2. Written permission of parent on Drop/Add form
3. Space Availability

  • No credit is given for semester (half year) courses dropped before completion, but half credit is given for full-year courses dropped after the first semester is completed.
  • Students transferring to a regular course from an AP or Honors level before completing the semester will not receive the honors or AP honor GPA points. The course title will be reflected as the regular level on the transcript.
  • Students must pass each semester of a course with a minimum grade of a 60/D- to receive credit for that semester. Summer school or repetition of the course will be required for each semester failed.

Honors Classes

  • A GPA weight of 0.5 is given for honors classes.
  • Extra summer work may be assigned and can be found on the TKA website under “Summer Reading.” Higher expectations in an honors class will include additional reading, writing, critical thinking, and projects with an accelerated pace.

Advanced Placement Courses

  • A GPA weight of 1.0 is given for Advanced Placement classes.
  • Advanced Placement classes are offered as part of TKA’s rigorous honors program. A standardized test is given in the month of May to access achievement. In addition to high school credit, some colleges may also give college credit and/or advanced course placement if the AP test is passed with a score set by each individual college. For more information go to
  • Extra summer work may be required for the AP courses.

Graduation Grade-Point Average Requirements

  • All seniors must have a cumulative (grades 9-12) grade-point average of at least 2.0 to graduate from TKA. This GPA also takes into calculation any high school course, such as Algebra I, taken in 8th grade. In order to be eligible for Valedictorian or Salutatorian, a student must have attended TKA for 2 full academic high school years.

Credit for Classes Taken Outside of TKA and Summer School Work

  • Students must take all classes required for graduation at The King’s Academy or The King’s Academy Online.
  • Additional high school courses (i.e. outside dual enrollment) may be taken from approved academic institutions or programs. Advance approval for such course work must be granted by the High School Administration.
  • Courses may be taken to improve a failing or lower grade through approved summer school programs after the course is completed at TKA. The summer school grade (not taken at TKA) will be averaged with the TKA grade and reflected as such on the student’s transcript. Advance approval for summer school work must be granted by the High School Administration.

Dual Enrollment at TKA

  • A GPA weight of 1.0 is given for Dual Enrollment classes.
  • Dual enrollment will allow eligible students at The King’s Academy (TKA) to enroll in selected Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) courses. The credits earned will be counted toward high school graduation and are acceptable Palm Beach Atlantic University credits toward earning a bachelor’s degree.
  • Grades/credits earned under this dual enrolled program will become part of the student’s permanent TKA high school transcript and permanent PBA transcript. TKA students will have the PBA course titles posted to their PBA transcript regardless of the titles of their high school classes.
  • All grades submitted to Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) for inclusion on the student’s university transcript will reflect the grade on The King’s Academy transcript. In the event a student earns an A+ in the high school course, the PBAU transcript will reflect the grade of A.
  • There will be no charge for PBA credit hours, PBA admission fees, or PBA access fees with exception of electronic portfolio access. The direct costs for these electronic enrollments are not to exceed an annual fee of thirty dollars per student.

Transfer Credits

  • Grades earned in transfer credits from other schools are accepted by TKA at face value after consideration during the application process. The King’s Academy GPA formula will apply for ranking.
  • Courses completed outside of a standard secondary school (i.e. online, home school, dual enrollment, summer seminars, etc.) will be evaluated for inclusion on The King’s Academy transcript. All TKA students must consult with the High School Administration to receive preliminary approval before registering for such courses.
  • A student transferring to the high school (Grades 9-12) is not responsible for the satisfaction of the Bible requirement not taken in earlier grade levels at his or her previous school.


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