Naviance is software that you will want to get to know. It is the best way to search for a college, because it collects the TKA acceptances from the past, and you will be able to compare your statistics against other TKA students who were accepted and who were not.

College counseling will alert students about when colleges will be visiting TKA through Naviance.

Students will utilize Naviance to take personal assessments such as: Do What You Are, Strengths Explorer, and Career Interest Profiler, create a college list, and request teacher recommendations.

College Counseling transmits digital documents (TKA’s School Profile, transcripts, and letters of recommendation) to colleges via Naviance EDocs. It is the standard in American high schools.

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Oct 23
TKA College Fair
Oct 26
ACT Test Day at TKA
Oct 30
PSAT Administered at School
Nov 01
Collegiate Showcase
Nov. 1 - 2
Nov 15
Sophomore College Tour
Jan 16
Junior College Tour
Jan. 16 - 17
Feb 08
ACT Test Day at TKA
Apr 04
ACT Test Day at TKA
Apr 07
College Admissions Q&A (10th & 11th)
Jun 13
ACT Test Day at TKA
ACT Test Day at TKA