College Advising

College Counseling at The King’s Academy is here to support and encourage our students in seeking out and stepping into God’s plan for their future. In our comprehensive college planning program, we offer one-on-one college planning at the end of our students’ sophomore year, and work very closely with the students throughout their junior and senior year. College counseling assists TKA students with all of their college planning needs, including academic course selection, ACT/SAT testing, college applications, college essays, letters of recommendation, scholarships, and transcripts.

The office is located in the High School Administration Building.

Oct 23
TKA College Fair
Oct 26
ACT Test Day at TKA
Oct 30
PSAT Administered at School
Nov 01
Collegiate Showcase
Nov. 1 - 2
Nov 15
Sophomore College Tour
Jan 16
Junior College Tour
Jan. 16 - 17
Feb 08
ACT Test Day at TKA
Apr 04
ACT Test Day at TKA
Apr 07
College Admissions Q&A (10th & 11th)
Jun 13
ACT Test Day at TKA
ACT Test Day at TKA

College counseling

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Director of College Advising (A-L)
Credentials: Marymount Manhattan College and Florida Atlantic University
Associate Director of College Advising (M-Z)
College Advising Assistant
Credentials: Palm Beach Atlantic College