Business Program

The King’s Academy offers a Business Program that allows the student to explore and develop skills in the discipline of business. TKA Students who plan to pursue a career in business are encouraged to take advantage of this elective program. Students who complete the program receive a special designation on their High School Diploma. The Business Program is not a requirement for graduation and any class within the program may be counted as an elective. Courses required to complete the program are as follows:

  • Complete all Standard Graduation Requirements with a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Business and Entrepreneurial Principles
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Business Law and Ethics
  • Introduction to Business (DE)
  • Membership with the Future Business Leaders of America, FBLA is encouraged.


Course Descriptions:

Business and Entrepreneurship Principles

This semester course is intended for the ninth or tenth grade student to introduce the concepts for many business disciplines.  Accounting, finance, human resources, economics, marketing, etc., are taught in this preparatory class.  For the business student, this is typically paired with Applied Computer Business Skills course.

Marketing Essentials

There is no prerequisite for Marketing Essentials, but it is recommended that the student complete the Business Overview & Entrepreneurship course to provide a solid foundation.

This semester course is intended for the tenth or eleventh grade student.  The entire discipline of marketing is covered, to include the process by which products and services are planned, promoted, priced, and distributed.   Terminology and vocabulary pertinent to the industry is taught.  This course provides students with real world marketing knowledge.

Business Law and Ethics

This semester course is intended for tenth through twelfth grade students. Biblical concepts of negotiation, agreement, and business relationships will be presented in conjunction with a study on contracts.  Students will be given an introduction to property law, and will explore concepts in personal, real, and intellectual property.  The biblical concept of stewardship will be presented in conjunction with the study on property.  Tort liability, prevention, and mitigation will be examined.  Students will further explore duties of the principal/agent and selected topics in employment law.  Each topic in the course will have its own ethical considerations, and a brief overview of the study of ethics will also be included.

Introduction to Business Dual Enrolled

There is no prerequisite for Dual Enrolled Introduction to Business, but it is recommended that students complete other courses in the Business Program, to include Business Overview & Entrepreneurship, Ethics, and Marketing Essentials to provide a solid foundation.  In addition, if the student wants dual enrolled credit, the student must be either a junior or senior and have a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.0

This is a semester college level course and will remain on the student’s permanent college transcript.  This class is open to the eleventh or twelfth grade student that desires a college level introductory business course.  Students complete a full business plan and present it to a panel of judges.