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Middle School

Middle School

Our middle school administrative team works with over 25 dedicated middle school teachers to ensure the smooth running of our middle school program. They are always available for consultation and support for our students and their families.

John Raines
Middle School Principal
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 373

Mike Moore
Middle School
Assistant Principal and Dean of Students
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 382

Victoria Rojas
Middle School
Administrative Assistant
(561) 686-4244, Ext. 373

Academic Support

The Middle School  Academic Support Program is an additional cost and is designed to assist students in managing and mastering the academic objectives of the secondary school curriculum.  Partnering with parents, teachers, and students, the Academic Support Team works to encourage academic, social and spiritual achievement.  Classroom and testing accommodations are designed to meet each eligible student’s individual needs.


A parentally placed private school student with a disability does not have an individual right to receive some or all of the special education and related services that the student would receive if enrolled in a public school under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), as amended.

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Fostering academic excellence and character growth within a nurturing, Christ-centered environment is at the heart of The King's Academy Middle School program. We ensure our students are fully prepared to transition into our high school program, setting the groundwork for future academic success and life-long learning.

Focused Classes & Student Support

TKA's Middle School, offers a classroom setting which allows for individualized attention, ensuring each student is appropriately challenged and guided on their educational journey. Our schedule includes built-in help classes, and our dedicated faculty are available after school by phone, email, or by appointment, ensuring our students always have the support they need.

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Electives & Enrichment Opportunities

Because we believe in providing a comprehensive education, our curriculum includes a wide array of electives that encourage students to explore their interests and talents beyond traditional academic subjects. With courses in Bible,  dance, theatre, vocal, digital media, instrumental, and visual arts, engineering, technology, physical development, pre-law and foreign languages, there's something for every student. Our goal is to foster curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning in our students.

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