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Programs of Distinction

The King’s Academy's Programs of Distinction provide students with an opportunity to explore professional fields during high school alongside their traditional high school curriculum. These specialty distinctions: Aviation, Christian Leadership, Business, Pre-Medical, The Smith Family Conservatory of the ArtsDiMino Engineering & Technology, and the O'Keeffe Pre-Law Studies allow students to cultivate experiences that provide exposure, experiential learning and specialized coursework in each field in addition to participation in an array of clubs and organizations. These distinctions help students achieve curricular focus based on career interests that are considered competitive in the college admission process.  All students who complete a Program of Distinction receive a medallion to be worn at graduation in addition to a special diploma designation.

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The Smith Family Conservatory of the Arts

The Smith Family Conservatory of the Arts Distinction offers an exciting opportunity for students to further refine their God-given artistic talents in the study of Performing Arts or Digital Media Arts.  Performing Arts offers a major in one of five disciplines including Dance Arts, Instrumental Arts, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts and Vocal Arts.  Students may apply to one of these exceptional programs and upon acceptance receive advisement and training from highly trained faculty. Conservatory Performing Arts students are offered numerous practicum opportunities to engage their training to be applied. Students gain an advantage in education through travel each year with performances at professional venues including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and more. The Digital Media Arts students learn to be storytellers, developing the skills, understanding, and application of all industry-standard equipment, techniques, and technologies. Through hands on experiences and innovative opportunities, students develop an impressive digital media portfolio and begin to think critically and creatively about emerging media trends and technology. Conservatory students have a high number of college acceptances into some of the best institutions in the country. The Conservatory program is designed to provide inspiring experiences that create a lifelong passion for the arts alongside rigorous academics to support the student’s personal pursuit of excellence.

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The Business Distinction is comprised of a series of elective courses in the area of entrepreneurship, marketing, and business. Throughout this program students obtain historical context and learn fundamentals in the various disciplines of marketing, leadership, finance, human resource management, supply chain, accounting, and planning.  The curriculum is intended to promote interest and exploration of each of these areas to further develop skills that will allow for success in collegiate business studies. Students benefit from collaborative projects and dynamic guest lectures while also participating in business competitions and leadership challenges in the local community. The King’s Academy students learn to incorporate ethical decision-making in all business courses allowing for Biblical integration of a Christian worldview.

O'Keeffe Pre-Law Studies

The O’Keeffe Pre-Law Studies Distinction offers a series of electives to develop literacy in law and the U.S. legal system, as well as advance speaking, research, and writing skills.  The courses are taught from a Christian perspective and are founded on constitutional rights and freedoms. Each high school course has a field trip experience, service component, and guest speakers. Students have enjoyed internships with a variety of law firms, the Office of the State Attorney, Fifteenth Judicial Circuit, and Palm Beach Youth Court and will be paired with mentors in the legal field as part of their course experience.  Students are afforded opportunities to compete on Mock Trial Teams traveling annually to Harvard Seminars and/or Empire Mock Trial competitions.  In addition, students may participate in the Moot Court Team, Florida Law Honor Society, and other traditions including the Pre-Law Speaker Series, First Monday and Explore Mock Trial.


The Aviation Distinction provides students with the opportunity to take aviation courses partnered with two highly regarded FAA Part 141 certified Cessna Pilot Centers and the opportunity to obtain their Private Pilot License. Through ground school training students learn aerodynamics, aircraft performance, communication, flight operations, flight planning,  airspace, communications, FAA regulations, and safe flight operations. In flight training students learn flight planning, preflight procedures, takeoffs, landings, airport operations, performance maneuvers, ground reference maneuvers, navigation, slow flight and stalls, basic instrument maneuvers, emergency operations, night operations, and post flight procedures. Through the Aviation Distinction, students make valuable connections at the flight school which can help them advance their career in aviation.

Christian Leadership

The Christian Leadership Distinction exists to empower students through curricular enhancements, mentoring relationships, and experiences. Students complete three Bible elective courses in addition to the traditional Bible requirements, focusing on developing skills of evangelism, leadership, community care and interpreting the Bible.  Students have opportunity to attend worldview conferences, participate in community service events, engage in apologetics based experiences, mentor younger students and serve as spiritual student leaders on campus.

DiMino Engineering & Technology

The DiMino Engineering and Technology Distinction empowers students to step into the world of engineering, design and technology as they adopt a problem-solving mindset, and make the leap from dreamers to doers. Students focus on experiential learning, skill-development and creativity through coursework, clubs, competitions and community service opportunities. Students enjoy learning from industry professionals through Engineering and Technology Speaker Series and developing a love for the field through project based learning and hands on application. The program’s courses engage students in compelling, real-world challenges that help them become better collaborators and thinkers through competitions, hackathons and finding solutions to pressing problems. Throughout each class, students benefit from in-demand knowledge and skills they will use in high school and for the rest of their lives.


The Pre-Medical Distinction provides an  avenue for concentrated study in the area of Sports Medicine or Medical Science. The Sports Medicine Distinction provides students the opportunity to explore and develop skills in the discipline of sports while benefitting from hands on experiences and curriculum in first aid and safety, care and prevention, sports medicine and treatment and anatomy. Students pursuing the Medical Science Distinction are provided with a program that allows for exploration of a career in the medical field or health care industry exposing students to professional career opportunities, mentors, and encouraging professional growth through hands-on learning experiences. Through the Medical Science Distinction students will study the foundation of the health care system, learn about current health care trends and innovations, develop understanding of fundamental medical terminology and communicate professional requirements, and expectations.  Throughout the Pre-Medical and Sports Medicine programs, students take part in field trip experiences, guest lectures and hands-on learning.