College Prep

The King’s Academy was founded in 1970 to provide a true Christian college-preparatory education for its students. The school has changed dramatically and experienced tremendous advancement over the past 45 years.We continue to prepare our graduates for academic success and promising careers once they leave our care.

Academics, Leadership, Co-Curricular Experiences, and Lifelong Learning:

  • TKA students attend school with peers who value academic achievement and talented teachers create a culture of high standards and expectations. This culture is also supported by our parent community.
  • Our diverse curriculum includes 21 AP courses, honors courses, dual enrollment offerings, and a wide array of electives.
  • Leadership is intentional at every grade level; with an emphasis on helping students discover and develop their own unique leadership skills and potential.
  • Faculty and administrators are continuously focused on “best practices” in education, from the latest in cognitive science to project-based learning – we are a community of learners and professionals who strive to understand what is best for our students. These efforts are supported by a generous professional development budget.
  • Rooted in tradition yet receptive to change, TKA is staffed by talented adults who are devoted to teaching and who model for students a lifelong love of learning.
  • We offer a wide variety of co-curricular experiences that require active participation and personal commitment, extending learning beyond the lessons of the traditional classroom.
  • We strive to reach a balance of emphases on activities of the mind, body, and spirit, encouraging students to grow into happy, caring, and honorable adults, ready and unafraid to be leaders for the public good.
  • Our college counseling staff works closely with students and parents to identify the best school – or schools – that fit the students’ needs to better ensure success once they arrive at the college of their choice.


  • TKA students earned over 7 million in college scholarships over the last three years.
  • 100 % of TKA graduates are accepted to college.
  • Over the past two years, our graduates have matriculated at 190+ institutions worldwide.
  • TKA graduates who were surveyed about their preparation for college said they felt that they were “very well prepared” for college. They also considered themselves to be “better prepared” than their classmates at their college of choice.