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Authentic. Christian. Education.

Providing an authentic, Christian education is about being real, and delivering on the promise to be a school that genuinely places the Lord Jesus Christ at the center. The King’s Academy is a school where we believe in building lasting relationships. Our teachers love Christ, love students, and have a passion for teaching. The entire staff understands the importance of having Christian character and a worldview that permeates their teaching and lives. As a Christian school we carry out our mission of preparing students to live all of life to the glory of God. Teachers reach deeply into the hearts and minds of their students and seriously pursue the simultaneous development of the spirit and mind. We educate the whole child, providing a well-rounded educational experience that prepares our students for a seamless college transition and rich, fulfilling life.

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Promoting Academic Strength

The King’s Academy’s reputation for high standards and teachers who invest daily to engage students is the foundation of our success. The high expectations and academic rigor, all from a Biblical worldview, have proven results with above-average levels of student outcomes, outstanding college acceptances, and tremendous test scores. Last year, the prestigious Council for American Private Education (CAPE) reflected the intense concern over the “abysmal performance of the public sector on achievement scores.” Thankfully, comparative statistics from The King’s Academy indicate much greater success on such high-stakes tests.

Last school year, we transitioned to the IOWA Assessments to compare elementary and middle school students’ (through grade 8) acumen to state and national standards. TKA’s annual achievement testing has placed us in the top 15% of schools nationally. The exceptional work of students and teachers propelled our results past schools that experienced noticeable declines during the recent pandemic.

TKA faculty are increasingly impressed by our students, as the Class of 2023 SAT average was 1183 compared to a state average of below 1000 and a national average of just over 1100. TKA’s top 50% scored over a 1314 and had numerous students with perfect subsections on both the ACT and SAT. These scores are only a partial story of King’s remarkable graduates as their scores place them in an elite group of students throughout the nation. A survey of other premier schools indicates King’s students are truly investing in their studies. TKA’s five-year average of 87% on Advanced Placement tests showcases the extraordinary commitment of the student body. It also reaffirms that the achievement begun in the elementary school program is paying off during pivotal times in students’ academic careers. TKA’s results on College Board examinations confirm our students are receiving a nationally benchmarked and effective education. Graduates from The King’s Academy enter college and life as successful problem solvers, team leaders, and inspired students, who forge ahead to impact and improve the communities they serve.

SAT Averages: Florida 999, National 1052, TKA 1183
AP Qualifying Scores: 2017 89%, 2018 91%, 2019 87%, 2020 83%, 2021 84%

One hallmark of our 50-year history has been the ability to integrate Faith & Learning, while adapting to progress in education. We offer an authentic, Christian, college preparatory education.

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