Dr. Kye Harris

(by Dr. Kye Harris; From the 1972 Sceptre yearbook)

One day a man asked me how much I would pay for a truck load of sand he was hauling. I strained to think of places to use it – my lawn, the school, at church – but I just couldn’t find a use for 28,000 pounds of sand. The man was anxious to unload his valuable cargo and the price I could buy it for would have been a fraction of the sand’s worth, but I finally told the man I couldn’t use the sand at any price. I just did not have a use for so much sand! Because I had no need, I had no desire for the sand. If I had been building a house or making a road, I would have paid almost any price for the sand, but, at the time, . . . it was useless.

King’s Academy, like the sand, would be useless if there were not needs to be met. All around us academic achievement is low, discipline is poor, morals are weak, Bible knowledge is almost non-existent, patriotism is laughed at, and authority of all kinds is flaunted. King’s Academy exists for the purpose of meeting these needs. It is good that we have personnel who know how to meet these and other needs and, of course, we are so pleased to have students who want to be helped.

“ . . . GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS . . . .” A few years ago two local groups of Christian people were working and planning for a wonderful goal – the implementation of a Christian school. Simultaneously Dr. and Mrs. Kye Harris began research to discover the kind of support the area might offer for a Christian school.

On February 5, 1970, Mr. C. Ernest Tatham called Dr. Harris in Jacksonville and asked if he would come to North Palm Beach to speak to local Christian leaders interested in beginning a Christian school. God was already beginning to implement His plan.

King’s Academy, Inc. became a reality in April of 1970. Over $40,000 was raised in pledges and gifts. The first steps of the organization were to elect Mr. Nelson Loveland as Chairman of the Board and to employ Dr. Kye Harris as President, Mrs. Harris as his personal secretary, Mr. William H. Vimont as Headmaster and Mrs. Vimont as school secretary.

In September of 1970 King’s Academy had 196 students for the first day of school. How proud we were to be part of God’s plans and to see these plans become a reality. By second semester the student body had grown to 234.

“ . . . MY CUP RUNNETH OVER . . . .” God blessed the school to overflowing. In February of 1971 the Board of Governors signed a contract to purchase 25 acres of land and made plans to expand.

The new campus opened in June of 1971 in time for the summer session. September 1971 showed a peak enrollment of 603 students.

King’s Academy is still growing and expanding. Beginning February 1972 the new gym and six classrooms were finished and for the first time the student body was on one campus.

The Academy hopes each year will bring the school continued spiritual growth as well as physical and intellectual development. Furthermore, it is hoped that King’s Academy might truly be, as the heading of our school paper proclaims and the school name implies. “AN INTERDENOMINATIONAL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL WHERE CHRIST IS KING.”