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From the President

man walking with students
Welcome to The King’s Academy!

All parents want their child to attend an excellent school—not just a good one. The King’s Academy has been an excellent source of education for my family, first for my wife Heidi during the school’s early years and more recently as both my daughter Kristi and son Kyle have graduated from TKA. All attended King’s from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and TKA thoroughly prepared each of my family members for college and for life—inspiring Heidi and Kristi to pursue teaching careers and Kyle to seek to become a lawyer. Each made life-changing decisions for Christ during their years at King’s, and Kristi and Kyle were active in athletics and the arts as well as benefited from numerous dual enrollment, advanced placement, and honors courses. They both broadened their horizons by travelling extensively on school trips to Spain, Iceland, Ireland, Hawaii, New York City, and Washington DC. My son’s valedictory address and my children’s stage performances at King’s have also opened college and career opportunities for them as these videos have been viewed millions of times worldwide. In short, my family is forever grateful for TKA’s impact!

When I think about my family’s life-altering experience at The King’s Academy, one common link emerges: excellent teachers. Excellent teachers understand that the best in education involves more than just teaching the mind—it begins with reaching the heart. Master teachers understand that students aren’t just interested in finding out how much a teacher knows but how much a teacher cares.

Thankfully, teachers at TKA see themselves as “living curriculum” for our students. Besides being experts in their fields of study, they are all Christ followers, prayerful servant leaders, relationship builders and encouragers, thoughtful communicators, hard-working educators, and engaging instructors. I believe that these characteristics set our faculty apart from others found in South Florida and make The King’s Academy the excellent school that it is. We are so blessed to have these outstanding men and women leading our students.

In addition to our excellent teachers, The King’s Academy is also blessed with many other qualities of an excellent school:

· A modern, secure, and growing campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure supporting the latest in learning technology.
· An award-winning academic curriculum, with our elementary school being named a Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education.
· Programs of Distinction in Aviation, Business, Christian Leadership, DiMino Engineering & Technology, O’Keeffe Pre-Law, Pre-Medical, and the Smith Family Conservatory of the Arts.
· Excellent athletic facilities including the M. Nelson Loveland Athletic Center, Kahlert Stadium, and the Full-Page Aquatic Center, as well as tennis courts, a certified cross country course, golf facility, a “blue-tiful” track, and fifteen acres of well-maintained, natural grass athletics fields.
· A world-class, 800-seat Page Family Center for the Arts which hosts the Smith Family Conservatory, for kindergarten through 12th grade, and the top 5 nationally ranked TKA Theatre Company.
· The newly constructed Boswell Science & Technology Center to house the award-winning DiMino Engineering Program and well-equipped life science laboratories.
· Well-outfitted physics and chemistry science laboratories in the DiMino Science Center.
· The Rosemary Beaumont Library, with more than 500,000 in-print and online volumes, periodicals and scholarly journals.
· Included in tuition transportation throughout Palm Beach County as well as chef-prepared meals in The Smith Family Café and Bistro.
· Newly outfitted facilities including the Frank DiMino Student Union and Esther B. O’Keeffe Innovation Center.
· A commitment to Biblically integrated lessons, character development, and service to others.

The King’s Academy is truly a school of excellence. I invite you to experience it for your family today. Please call our Admissions Office to schedule a campus visit. As you walk the halls, observe classes, and meet our outstanding faculty and students, I believe you will discover that The King’s Academy is an excellent school for your children. I look forward to seeing you soon.


Randal L. Martin

PS: To learn more about King’s, you may also want to start by viewing our collection of videos at TKAtv to learn more about the day-to-day activities at TKA or view our Strategic Plan to understand our future vision for The King’s Academy.