Authentic Christian Education

TKA is known across the country for Authentic Christian Education.

  • Small classes, peers who value academic achievement and talented teachers are hallmarks of a TKA education.
  • Our diverse secondary curriculum includes 22 AP courses, honors courses, and a wide array of electives.
  • Our Elementary school is equipped with mobile laptop carts, tablets in every class for students to use. Teachers use active voting systems to assess students instantly. Every classroom is equipped with a Promethean Smart Board which brings lessons to life. Teachers have access to thousands of lesson ideas on Prometheanplanet. Teachers also use the award winning Discovery Education media server which has over 80,000 educational content videos.
    Students also take a STEM class that introduces them to robotics.
  • Each secondary student is required to have an electronic device, which in many classes serves as notebook, lab tool, and video recorder — it’s just one of many examples of how TKA leads in the classroom.
  • TKA offers students the opportunity to explore areas of interest and excel in areas of giftedness, while making lifelong friends.


In the 21st century, technology is a leading source of information to empower students…