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President – Randy Martin

Randy Martin


Headmaster/Vice President – Doug Raines

Doug Raines

Headmaster/Vice President

Chief Operating Officer – Jeff Loveland

Jeff Loveland

Chief Operating Officer

Middle School / High School Principal – Jennifer Ceppo

Jennifer Ceppo

Director of Program Innovation and Non-Traditional Learning

Elementary Assistant Principal – Debbie Rantin

Debbie Rantin

Middle/High School Principal

headshot of Tammy Richardson

Tammy Richardson

Middle/High School Assistant Principal

Middle School/High School Assistant Principal – Terry Toulson

Terry Toulson

Middle/High School Assistant Principal

Chief Financial Officer – Pete Wellman

Pete Wellman

Chief Financial Officer

Elementary Principal – Adam Miller

Adam Miller

Elementary Principal

Elementary Assistant Principal - Alexandra Adams

Alexandra Adams

Elementary Assistant Principal

Elementary Dean of Students – Jean Albert

Jean Albert

Elementary Dean of Students

Director of Development – Rosario Larson

Rosario Larson

Director of Development